Friday, August 18, 2006

Hello Friday evening!!! Not much happening today except an interesting IAQ assessment for a very eclectic couple who work for BP up in Alaska. It makes you really take pause when you have a chance to experience a different outlook. We have all heard of the recent shut down of the oil lines up there due to spills and clogged pipe lines and she was filling me in on the severity of it on the Alaskan economy as well as those of us who are forced to drive for work everyday. She said that BP was a very GREEN company and great to work for. Strange huh? I would never have thought of BP as GREEN. See what I mean by point of view.

Have to share this recipe from I saw it earlier this week and tried it magnificent!!!! The dandelion greens can be substituted with any dark vitamin rich green.
honestly anything with goat cheese is an in for me. My mom introduced me to this site and I am forever in her debt. (Like I wasn't already right?) The Podcast are really great too I like PSYCHED, here is an example.


Monday, July 3, 2006
Posted by Sarah Kricheff on July 3, 2006 - 8:00am.
Reinterpret Your World
It's medieval times. A man is standing on a dock. Tied to the dock is a large wooden ship, which is about to set sail. All of his loved ones are on the ship: his wife and children, his parents, and his best friends. They're waving goodbye to him, and he's waving back, feeling excited about their voyage. The ship sets sail and moves away from the dock. After a while, the ship approaches the horizon. It's an unusually clear day so the man can still see the ship, even though he can no longer make out the people on it. As the ship goes over the horizon, the man begins to panic. These are medieval times, and the man believes the world is flat. As far as he can tell, the ship is now sinking and all of his loved ones are drowning, dying a horrible death right before his eyes. He collapses to the ground in complete despair. He sobs uncontrollably and tears at his hair and his clothes. He has lost everything.
Now take this man and teach him that the world is round. Then put him back in the same situation. Everyone is waving, just as before. The ship moves out to sea, and the man is fine. The ship goes over the horizon, and the man is still fine. He's in exactly the same situation as described earlier, but this time he's fine because he knows the world is round.
The way you interpret a situation and the beliefs you bring to it have a lot to do with how you react to that situation. Interpret things one way, and you may feel anxiety or despair. Interpret things a different way, and you'll be fine. This simple idea might give you great peace of mind one day, when you really need it.
—Robert Epstein, Ph.D., Host of "Psyched!"

The examples he gave on the podcast dealt with his toddler washing an electronic watch for him because he thought it was dirty. I know this concept will be applied over and over again by my twin toddlers.

Hopefully by this weekend I will have the links set up to some of the sites and blogs I visit often.


Marybeth said...

Hey maggie thanks for the update, you know grandpop loves dandelion greens. You really have a flare for writing. I love reading what you write, I feel like I am there with you.

maggie said...

Glad you like it is still a work in progress as I am learning my way around. This sight is far superior to my old site, it is very user friendly. I would email that recipe to Grandpop if they had a computer. Does Aunt Kathy?

marybeth said...

She was thinging about getting a computer but not hooked up yet.