Friday, October 20, 2006

Thing One and Thing Two
As promised I finally dug up the mug shots of squish A and B. I couldn't find a shot that had the bags or mittens on and most of the white face paint got rubbed off but they did pretty well. I made the trick or treat bags with a thing one and thing two doll glued to the front it was cute. And the bonus was I peeled the thing one and thing two medallions off the front and they used them for jammies until it got too warm.

Our front looked much creepier at night. We had a fog machine and a strobe light and lotsa creepy music. May have to tone down the graveyard noises or Jake will never sleep through the night. I am gonna attempt a mummy corpse made from paper mache this year I just have to figure out what to make the base shape from. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I guess it will be country mouse and city mouse for the squish set. Just not as excited bout it as I should be. I have been uninspired by the costume selections so maybe another trip to the thrift stores for more inspiring ideas.

Do I not look freakishly happy or what?!! What a dork so of course I had to include this shot.


Anonymous said...

Okay I agree I thought I was going to puke after that. People like that need to be shot. I can't imagine this guy has anything good to offer this world. anyway I don't know if I mentioned smurfette and papa before, but it is cute, and easy.Although the kids probabaly don't know what smurfs are. Mike and I dressed as smurfs one year we bought everything at thrift shops except my blonde wig it was great, we won best costume at the party. Oh by the way this is shannon

Kate G said...

you have such great halloween costume & theme ideas that I dare not make any suggestions... you are the all hallows eve master!

maggie said...

hey kate thanks for checking into my blog. I check up on yours quite frequently sometimes just to read the bantor amoungst your friends hillarious!!!

Kate G said...

I take no credit or shame for their points of veiw nor vulgarity. That being said; they are pretty damn funny. Glad to have em. I'll send 'em your way if your coworkers can tolerate the deeply sunken level of maturity!?