Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Give a year of no junk mail

Ok this has to be one of the best all time green, minimalist no need to wrap buy at the last minute gifts out there. Of course my links will not post so I will just leave the address until I have more time to fool around.

Also on my list of favorite gifts is an ITUNE mix, very earth friendly and thoughtful. This too can be sent via the net. Who doesn't remember the eighties mixed tape? Of course only Ipods can use Itunes so if your receiver has any other MP3 player better opt for some alternate song downloading site.

I have failed to meet my Holiday card deadline and have yet to make them so I had a thought. If no one buys the cards that are on some deep discounts right now do they hit the trash or are they stored until the following year? If they are dumped wouldn't it be fair to say that it is more Environmentally friendly to buy them? Ok they are probably not dumped but I am out of time and this month has been super busy so I will most likely be sending out cards that will arrive somewhere in January.......Maybe I will just wait until Arbor day, although that is like feeding your cow beef huh?

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