Sunday, December 03, 2006

Holy Hiatus

It has been awhile I know. My trip to DC which in actuality was only three days has set me back further than I knew possible. Still trying to get back in the groove. Well I failed to meet my deadline of having all the shopping done by the end of November but overall I think that I have managed my consumerism quite well. The internet is a key tool in buying in moderation.

We packed a whole lot of Santa into Saturday. We caught the last half of the Santa parade and it was hot. I felt a tinge of pity for the jolly one clad in his usual costume. There should be a rule for Florida Santas, except in the mall where they automatically turn the temp down to 40 in the hopes that the Floridians will in fact forget that its not snowing outside and stock up on gap scarves. Anyhow later we headed over to the train shop down the street for there 31st anniversary. Pretty nifty, they had a couple semi elaborate trains and a trolley set up in the back with pretty lights and decorations. Inside they had the Polar bear express on and cookies and punch. The kids section in the store is fabulous and the squish A and B were having a blast. Other half and myself simply stood and watched the kids and tried to think of some way of removing squish b from the store without an enormous scene. Trains are his life so imagine his complete and utter joy in this place.............. We failed to come up with anything......Yes even the threat of Santa watching or the bribe of french fries and icecream failed, (AND YES I DO STOOP TO BRIBERY IF IT MEANS POSTPONING A FULL OUT TANTRUM!!) B cried like we were sawing his limbs off with a dull butter knife. A cried too but not like the noise that came from her twin. We wrestled him into the parking lot and were somewhat relieved when we saw a few other parents struggling with there own tormented toddlers. It took the kid quite a while to settle. Can you believe we headed to dinner after this?!! Yep and then down town to see more lights........Squish A spied the Jolly one and insisted we stand in line so she could tell him what she wanted. Ok .........45 minutes later we were there in front of the chubby elf and A was trying to burrow into her Daddy's abdomen. Would you believe Squish B did the talking....Santa mentioned Thomas the tank Engine and B opened right up told him he had Thomas and Percy and that he wanted James. B was serious and concise and when asked to sit on his lap he flatly told the man, no I'm ok right here thank you. This poor Santa, B even declined the candy cane and asked if he had any chocolate......So funny. As we were getting into the car B asked why Santa hadn't given him James as he had asked. The concept hasn't fully grounded yet.

No air stuff today but do check out the lime network for some green giving ideas.....They have some good ones.

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marybeth said...

Maggie dear you need to write a book Love hearing the news