Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another Day Another Tape lift

So I am feeling the Blah's. Not so down not so up just here. I think an increase in exercise and general outsideness (if that is a word) will do the trick. Kind of feel like I'm just waiting for the next event be it good or bad......very uneasy. So I haven't really felt like writing much.

I have recently started weaning myself off my morning coffee in preparation for some much needed fasting,(aka cleanse). Never felt so fuzzy in my life as i did going cold turkey with no morning java. I backed up and decided a more,"'m not in my early 20's anymore",approach and decided to wean myself ever so gently. I now have a cup of 1/2 and 1/2. That is half caffeinated and half decaf. I hope to get to 1/4 decaffeinated in about two weeks. Don't get me wrong I see nothing wrong with a cup of coffee a day or a little caffeine but foregoing solid food for more than a day is hard enough without the claws of a nagging caffeine addiction digging into your back.

So I have decided to take the twins to get their first real hair cut. I'm afraid it is not my forte and A's Red locks and B's golden curls are left withered and lifeless under the tyranny of my hair cutting skills. A real haircut means a real kid no more toddler definitely no more baby. Squish B's hair is quite big right now so after his bath I slicked it down with a part in the side. I told him he was a handsome boy and he stared in the mirror quite inquisitively. Then he turned on his heals and raced for the towel rack, He did a few hard scrubs on the top of his head and then returned to the mirror. "There", he said with satisfaction, "now I'm #######ey, no more handsome". I got a kick out of it and realized that the slicked back look just wasn't in our genes!!! (######ey is his name, so just fill in the blanks with something like Tommy or Johnny and you will get the general drift of his attitude).

OK, so I did just get an awesome new microscope for work that takes the greatest little shots so I just thought I would share some of the tape lifts we take on assessment.

Dust mite, we all live with them!!! This shot is super cool cause you can actually see a fecal pellet. 30% of population is allergic to the waste this little guy produces.
I like to call this pic Ganoderma Opiculum, at least that's what Stan thinks because of the nodules. I trust him so that is what I am going with. This is mold found on the interior of an apartment. This one is called Stan's buggies, cause Stan took the tape lift and pretty much it is just a pile of bug parts, see all the legs and thoraxes? My buggie.


Anonymous said...

Maybe there is a reason we can't see these ugly critters. D.

Anonymous said...

I agree with D. makes me itch.