Thursday, March 22, 2007

B's Boo Boo

I called squish B over to spray some mosquito repellent on him and he hit the pavement. His poor elbow took the brundt of the fall after I finally exhaled I waited to see if I should act, (sometimes if you over react it makes it worse), he looked like he was fighting the tears. He ran over to have me kiss it but it was bleeding pretty bad so I told him we would go wash it off. It dripped on my shoe and he asked what it was, not to freak him out (knowing blood does that), I told him it was pizza sauce.

I took him inside and doctored his boo boo with some bactine spray and bandages. When his dad caught wind of the event he asked B if it hurt and if he was ok. B said rather blundtly that it was a real bad one!! Momma's kisses wouldn't work and that he needed bandages cause it was dripping pizza sauce all over the place.!!!

Have to get up pretty early to outwit a three year old. I kissed him and told him he was brave, he said that is the reason he keeps getting hurt.

Here is a bit of breath for you regarding air cleaners!!! If you have been following my thoughts at all on these things you should know my stance. Source control is the best control.

Air purifiers using ozone can make air quality worse when combined with air freshener chemicals


marybeth said...

Maggie; you always amaze me lol.

maggie said...

I'm just the memory keeper aunt M.

Anonymous said...

Mag does b stand for boy? Or is that just the beginning? I mean will you go all the way down to Z? Cause the first two sure are funny. D.