Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another Easter come and gone. Did the Easter egg hunt thing last weekend, two days later my son was violently ill couldn't keep a thing down. A little panic trickled through me as we had visited a petting zoo. (They have a bad rap here in FL.) I am an adamant hand washer and he was liberally squirted with hand sanitizer prior to exiting. Being a former health inspector has some lasting effects. He was running a fever and failed to have the other prevalent symptom associated. Two days later he is better and She started getting hot. Now that the holiday has passed us by they are both coming around. It was coming, has been a good year and 1/2 since the last illness and I'll take a quick two day virus over anything.

So that is where I've been, hiding playing Doctor. We did have some time and energy to dye some Easter Eggs . After we colored them I put them in the tray and I told B we would have to wait. "Wait for them to hatch?", B asked. I giggled and would you believe B actually said, "I was only kidding!". He was embarrassed and it broke my heart. One thing that makes a toddler so charming is that they lack embarrassment or pride or even acknowledgement they just are. My little guy is slowly becoming self aware and all I can do is scream silently in my head.

Can you see Mr. Bunny? That was my attempt at some holiday flapjacks!!! It was lost on hungry 3yr olds.

That is A with Pinto her pony, (my $3 dollar yard sale find of the month!!), they drag this guy around and feed it grass and sidewalk chalk?!
Even the Easter Bunny leaves footprints!!!

Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again! I love this list I found it on one of my favorite blogs and thought it could never be mentioned enough.


marybeth said...

Sorry the kids were sick, glad they are better.
Happy Easter to you family for my family.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap you have hard evidence call in the CSI team. D.

Michelle said...

Hey I think I saw that pony at Sam's around Christmas time was like 50 bucks or something.