Sunday, April 15, 2007

A day out with Thomas

We coughed up the Eighty bucks and took a two hour trip to Taveres FL. to see the Almighty Thomas the Tank Engine. I thought it would be heaven for our B who has been obsessed with this and every other engine since introduction at 11 months. B does not like crowds or loud noise or heights.........he was tentative to say the least. He was so worried about the train ride that he really failed to enjoy any other part of the day. The best time was had in the merchandise tent when he was surrounded by all the possible trains he might acquire to add to his enormous collection!!! He picked Arthur and a t-shirt that outlined all the parts of the engine. He would have gone home happy after that. A however made the most of the afternoon and even met Sir Topman Hatt who even in my eyes was quite creepy. I am just amazed just how many Thomas obsessed children there are out there. I'm not complaining there are so many other awful things besides tank engines that my son could love, but what is it about a steam engine that grips the imagination of these little guys and holds on tight? The only other character that slightly competed for his attention was the Cars movie and its cast but they pale in comparison.

First time meeting Hay. They kept asking what is this stuff, if I could only explain my love hate relationship with this hearty grass!! Kids I spent hot summer days loading this awful stuff in the back of a tractor and spent the evening crying over my itching burning legs or kids you should have been there jumping out of the barn window into the pool of loose hay waiting to feed or bed the animals. To think they never met it.

Is this sad or education? I was unsure the whole time but I thought better to experience it safely and explain to the little ones why they should keep a safe distance. This my dear ones is why we don't do fresh water here in Florida.

Our trip on Thomas took us through the neighboring trailer park luckily for us it was a 55 and older park and had numerous souls smiling and waving like it was the first time they had seen the train go by. That was the sweetest part of the day seeing those people stand out there for an hour or so just waving and smiling.

On the home front Jimmy trying to accessorize!!

Finally some great advice on how to Allergy Proof your Home!!!


LauraHinNJ said...

My nephew loves Thomas the Tank Engine too! Funny how little boys are!

Dave said...

That hay makes my nose itch.