Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Doctor Mom

Just about the day Dad was to go away on a two/three week out of town job it started. First it was a deep cough from b, then a pink eye, then everything hit the fan and temps were racing up the chart and kids were tossing cookies. Nothing test a mother like a double dose of ear infections and pneumonia. Did I say nothing oh my bad did i mention that in full fever swing the fourth of July rolled around and every firework this side of the Mississippi was set off for three days straight pay no mind to the hours on the clock. My dogs do not like fireworks, they bark and if you have ever heard a Newfoundland bark all night long following some obnoxious stream of fireworks being lit off in the back alley minutes after you get a fevering baby down to sleep then you my friends have not lived. I missed seven days of work and the kids missed school, (if my calculations are correct they made $375 in their absence). My dogs were so stressed out hair was coming out and they started getting sick inside the house, outside the house and on the porch and I am sure that i needn't go into that to deeply. Anyone can imagine the mess 300lbs of pooch can make. So after five doctor visits and the twins first go with antibiotics I thought things were starting to look up. I assured myself that I hadn't lost my mind by being pent up in a house with sick toddlers and canines and no adult for ten days. I was anxious to get back to our routine so I packed them up and took them to school Monday. I breathed a sigh of relief. Tuesday A had a belly ache and B had a small rash on his shoulder and neck. Maybe from the pool I assured myself , I dropped them off again. I got the call and when i got to the school B had a rash from head to toe!! At this point what could one do but laugh. Another doctor visit and B is allergic to the antibiotic. Today is what oh right Wed. I think the rash is lessening on the little guy but don't expect me to even utter those fateful words, "what else could happen?! Funniest part Dad should be rolling in on Friday so I'm sure everyone will be healthy and happy by then.

This post should be titled apology for absence from blogging duties.


BurdockBoy said...

Yikes...Sounds like a rough time. I'm heading out next week for about a week so I hope KIA is okay for Moh-otherwise I'll here about it.

My boarder collie Emma is freaked out by fireworks. We headed up to Canada (after Canada Day) to miss out on the hype here in the states.

maggie said...

Good move leaving for the 4th next year we will opt for that.

marybeth said...

Sorry to hear that the twins were sick. Being a single parent I can relate (but I only had one sick at a time). One would get sick and then pass it to the other.

gtr said...

Omigoodness... Sounds crazy hard! Hope things are looking up for you all, and no more fireworks!