Monday, August 20, 2007

A salad by any other name

So for about a month we have been having a salad for dinner every night because that is the only veggie the twins will eat. Today as I am mid salad they decide they don't like salad anymore. Instead they both grab a carrot and munch on it while I cut up some onions. After the carrots are gone they come back and ask for celery sticks,OK I'm game. Minutes later they stroll back in and look over the goods i am readying for the salad. They grab a couple cucumbers and start nibbling. I think this is the fun way to eat, two red pepper strips and a bite of avocado and we all sit down to dinner. I cut up the toasted cheese on whole grain, (a Monday staple), and they say, " don't forget Mom we don't want any salad cause we don't like it anymore". I agree with that smile and say OK tonight you can go without your salad. They are thrilled they have finally won the vegetable battle:)


dave said...

Pulled a fast one on you ha mom?

Anonymous said...

Such a shame you lost the veggie battle!

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