Sunday, September 16, 2007

Princess Barber

There are few sounds that strike fear into a mother's heart worse than...................................................Silence!!! You know the silence I am referring too. The noise you hear after a few seconds of cleaning up the kitchen or opening the mail the indescribable sound of no sound. No fighting or arguing or crying or laughing or singing, nothing. From experience I can say it is also one of the many sounds overlooked by dad. I can't remember how many times I have said, "do you hear that?" he dutifully will answer, "what? I don't hear anything." I just shoot him that exactly look before throwing open doors to find my two cherubs have painted themselves head to toe with permanent marker or dumped all the bubbles into the toilet so they could take a bubble bath.
Today Squish A said something that got me moving faster than any loud silence could. I'm not sure of how the sentence was put together all my brain processed was, "sit still, and haircut". It's a coming of age kinda thing every Mom goes through but none the less I sprinted off my chair to stop the massacre hoping they were trimming up the Newf or maybe a care bear. I made it to the scene in under a second but not before a few locks were lopped from her twin brother's head. Just think a few seconds before they were playing getting married even picked some fresh flowers for the occasion and on a dime the game turned to barber. Thank goodness the boy has some curly hair otherwise he would have looked like a Friar.
I took it in stride not wanting squish b to be too upset about his chop but.....can't help but wonder if A will always be the one on that end of the scizzors. I mean really look at him he has no idea he even said cheese as I shot the evidence in her hands and on the floor.
Ok this situation behind me I did some big Sunday housecleaning and was just finishing up a load of Laundry when B said I needed to help A get something out of her nose. The story was muttled and was interupted on several occasions with things more concerning to a little three year old. I finally heard some sneezing and found A hanging out under the bathroom sink. she had a nail stuck in her nose?. I asked her if it was a finger nail she said no it was a nail but not a sharp nail. My heart sank but I knew there was something up there because she was sneezing and stuffed. I tried to get her to let me see but nothing. After much prodding and insisting I thought for sure we would need to take her to the emergency room. In one last ditch effort I sprayed some Saline up her nose and she had a huge sneeze out popped, well this...................
Not sure what it was or why she would put it up her nose but at least it is out. Second coming of age experience in one day. That's it no more cleaning we are playing a game of go fish so I can keep an eye on these two.
By the way I am still working on the blog updates links are being added slowly and I apologize. I am working on a new weekly schedule so each day has a specific dedication. Mondays will be Momma Mondays so that will be my Momma blogging days the other days will be set aside for other interest. Hopefully I will have the outline all set up come Monday evening. any suggestions along the way are always welcomed.

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