Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Feverish Fours

I have been gone for so long I was almost intimidated to resume my blog. I have been experiencing what every mother who puts her child in preschool for the first time does. The year of germs!! B has been healthy for about five days this month and A is not far behind. After much planning and ado their big 04 birthday slipped by B in a blur as he was under the weather or as he put it, "having a bad morning". A fought hard to enjoy her limelight but that evening was overtaken by a terrible ear ache. The week kicked off with ear infections and all the gooey stuffed up coughing that goes with the feverish four year olds. Will I be forever playing catch up? I can't believe I am saying this but I may just let Halloween, (my favorite holiday) slip by with little ado except the standard trick or treating. Actually I'm feeling so exhausted I'm tempted to let the entire holiday season from October to January pass right by. It's actually easy to do in Florida its like a time warp down here anyway. The only time gauge I have are my children and the six years of service plaque that stares me in the face every morning in my office. As a vegetarian I am also tempted to skip the gluttonous feast we lovingly refer to as thanksgiving and reserve the train in Largo Central Park. This is the only opening for the next two years so I may pack us a not so dead yard bird feast and head to the park with my twins and ride that miniature train straight for an entire hour. Betcha that would be one to remember huh? I would post a picture here if my computer were not on lock down, tomorrow for WW I may get a few of our Rockin Reptile Party up.

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