Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Congratulations to the Locavores!
It’s hard to believe that the time’s already come for end-of-year wrap-ups, but here’s at least one that makes me happy: the New Oxford American Dictionary has picked “locavore” as its Word of the Year.
In my mini world, everyone knows what a locavore—or localvore—is, but I’m connected enough to the world-at-large to realize that for many, “using locally grown ingredients and taking advantage of seasonally available foodstuffs” is still a foreign concept. (The other day, I had to explain to someone what organic food was!) That’s why the New Oxford American honor is so meaningful—not only does it mean that the word, and hopefully the idea, has gathered a critical mass, but that it will be guaranteed more exposure. Last year’s word was “carbon-neutral,” and that’s entered common parlance at this point.Continue reading Congratulations to the Locavores!
Posted by Nathalie Jordi on Nov 15, 2007 at 6:21 PM


Phelan said...

Just because it's in there, doesn't mean people will know the word. Example explaining what organinc is. My stepfather was talking to a woman about storing pasta, she didn't know what that was! Her only exposure to "noodles" was from a box of hamburger helper. ~sigh~

maggie said...

so true I have a tin previously used for Sambuca (sp) that fits my dried pasta perfectly. I just found it interesting that the word exsisted.