Saturday, December 29, 2007

With the meat of the Holidays behind us

If I had realized that I left such a cheesy link on my former confession I would have been quicker to get back into my blog. The holidays quickly rushed by in Hurricane like and now the new Year is upon us. With the big day falling on a Tuesday and the weather at about 80 I really had to muster everything in me to get in the mood. Seeing my two little ones squeal with delight after they realized Mr. C had showed up helped. They have both been so sick with Croup and ear infections that I was happy to have semi healthy offspring on the big morning. Again however we are in the grip of some serious school induced germ warfare and B is housebound once again. The weather is supposed to plummet next week so hopefully we will have strong immune systems before the Mercury gets below 40. I am going to hunt up some socks right now just to be prepared!!

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