Sunday, December 28, 2008

Digging a hole to China

I'll get back to the holidays later. Really after all that stuff and stuffing for my special day which may fall sometime promptly after the 25Th I wanted to relax and enjoy the earth. So we headed to the beach and enjoyed some simply fabulous weather. OK not nice enough to get in the water but the only real difference between a tourist and a local is their tolerance for 65 degree water (ugh chilly blue ), and the jimmy buffet feat that a northerner simply could not get wearing socks throughout the year:) Anyhow off to the beach and warm sand and no better therapy or youthful amusement then digging a hole large enough to swallow a five year old up.


Momma Mohawk said...

That is some hole, give me a call next time I am sure monkey could have lended a shovel and you know he loves those small spuds of yours. - Happiest Special Day by the way!! - Love ya!

Carla said...

A warm beach sounds absolutely blissful. Nothing but snow here.

BurdockBoy said...

Holy Crap. You're pictures are drastically different than what I've been posting. Oh well. I'm not that jealous or anything.

Hope your new year is a jolly one.

Maggie said...

Carla and Quinn,

Yes it is sunny and warm and I do love it but would you believe all the kids ask for is to see snow they have never seen or played in the wintery white stuff.