Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Am I the only one who finds it strange that there are over 1700 videos on on the effects of mentos and diet coke? How bored are these people? No I didn't view them I was looking for the links on the bottom of this blog.

This is one of three sadly similar cases .....

The message here?!!! Is to install a carbon monoxide alarm. They are dirt cheap and well worth the money because they save lives. CO cannot be detected by smell or taste.

I was directly involved in a similar case where an elderly woman who rented a converted condo died in the hospital. Here the building had an ancient stack that was leaking and ran up the center of the buildings. To make matters worse a cable man drilled a hole directly into it to run a cable line.

To clarify my jump on hump day I believe I should have mentioned that I am heading into a three day weekend starting with Friday. So yesterday was officially the halfway point. How will I spend my extra 24 hours you ask wellllllll. I do plan to finish another page of the scrapbook and possibly, (this is a large leap), remove the baseball border from my daughters room. This thing is three borders thick and put on with epoxy. I have heard that spraying it with fabric softner will help so that is what I will try. I am also going to pack the kids up thursday and friday evening and let them loose on the beach. I will camp out at my parents house and possibly vacuum the floor and pick up any Palmetto bug carcasses that may have found a way in during their extended leave. IF this is not exciting enough I have TIVO ed my two favorite shows. "Meercat Manor", and "Its Alway's Sunny in Philadelphia". One is on animal planet and the other is on FX check em out.

and second

The most upsetting news of the day happened at lowry park zoo, due to human error, (of course isn't the need for a friggin zoo the cause of human error) an endangered femal tiger was shot.

By VALERIE KALFRIN The Tampa Tribune
Lowry Park Zoo was inspected today by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and U.S. Department of Agriculture. Zoo officials are also doing an internal review of all procedures at the zoo.
The zookeeper, who mistakenly left the door to the tiger enclosure unlocked, has been placed on paid administrative leave. He has worked at the zoo for one month and has been handling the tigers for two weeks. He is fairly distraught about the incident. He has an associate degree in zookeeping from Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville. He earlier worked for an animal facility in Gainesville.
The zookeeper made a mistake by not locking the door, according to zoo officials. It is a double lock system leading to the four dens that house animals. The dens lead to a hallway that leads to the zookeepers’ area. The latch from the hallway to the zookeepers’ area was left unlocked. Enshala, a Sumatran tiger, wandered out in to that area through a construction site at the Asian Exhibition.
The zookeeper had informed the authorities by then that the animal had escaped and the zoo was in lockdown. The visitors were safely cordoned off in a restaurant.
The tiger climbed a wall and zoo veterinarian David Murphy shot it with a tranquilizer gun. The tiger reacted aggressively to the dart and zoo President and Chief Executive Officer Lex Salisbury shot the tiger when she tried to climb over the wall.


Shane said...

So carbon monoxide is not good for you and does not reduce split ends?

maggie said...

It's great for your hair try this. After a shower while your hair is still damp tape a garbage bag with your head in it to the tail pipe of your honda. Be careful though it can sometimes turn the complexion a bluish tint.
Do you drive a Honda Shane?

maggie said...

no but really I get at least five calls a week because someone smells gas and they think they have a CO leak. The general population, (friends and family excluded of course), needs a dumbed down version of everything. I can't count the number of calls i get that start with, " I think that mold got in my house."

Shane said...

I do not drive a Honda and I suspect sarcasm in your "tape a garbage bag to a tailpile with your head in it" suggestion. I get the impression that might not be entirely good for a person. I'm also starting to question the wisdom of sucking the gas out of empty Redi-Whip cans and using the barbecue grill in enclosed spaces.

Tracy said...

That Shane sounds SO like someone I used to know...could it be so?