Tuesday, August 22, 2006

All hail holy hump day. It is downhill to the weekend from here. Although now as a mother I find my days at home more exhausting than the going on's of the office.

So in my effort to fight the evil American consumer in myself I have adopted the three day a week plan. I can spend money on Monday, Wed, and Friday only, excluding emergency's of course. Sounds easy enough right, wrong. Today I slipped into a Taco Hell and ordered a seven layer burrito not even thinking about it. Not until this evening did I Realize my ghastly error. I could have screamed. Not only did I consume but I did it unconsciously and probably wronged the environment and my heart in the process. And I did it all without even taking my checkcard to work. Ahh well at least there were no dead animals in my digression wrapped in a flour tortilla. .

I believe Mercury may have officially out done mold in the headlines this week as one more local school is evacuated and students are decontaminated.

By LORIE JEWELL The Tampa Tribune
NEW PORT RICHEY – Seventeen students and teachers are being decontaminated following a mercury spill at H. Schwettman Education Center this morning. They were in a science class at the school at 5520 Grand Boulevard and were conducting an experiment involving the cooking of hot dogs.
Someone knocked over two 12-inch thermometers containing mercury.
The New Port Richey Fire Department is working to decontaminate the students and teachers as well as their clothes and belongings. Community Hospital has donated scrubs for them to wear.

And you thought eating swordfish was dangerous .

I am proud to say that this incident will not happen at any of the Pinellas county health dept. or outlying offices. As Safety Coordinator for Pinellas County I oversaw project, "mercury free by 2010". The delivery of the last three mercury bloodpressure cuffs and six calibration thermometers was done with great fan fare. I think the 20,000 dollar price tag that goes into a mercury spill clean up was quite a motivator. We were already mad as hatters. As you see Pinellas County is about four years ahead of the state schedule, I guess they wanted to leave everyone some head time.

Mom and other food network followers Michael was at Citris Mall the 22nd. Personally I am a Tyler fan.

I have run across a great idea for the trick or treat sacks i plan to make up for holloween. I bought a 60 pack of small playdoh cans from Sams, I will couple two with some fruit roll ups or maybe some gummie bears I thought that would be a unique alternative to the usual fare. This will also be a way to ward off, ( you were too old to trick or treat last year), teenagers. If you can legally work to buy your own candy don't come knocking at my door. I have to say some of my family members have come up with some cute ideas for costumes but I am still waiting for the ONE. Please keep the ideas coming.

New Zealand QueenBy UPIAug 22, 2006
New Zealand Queen death - A weeklong period of mourning has been declared in New Zealand Maori Queen Te Arikinui Te Atairangikaahu who died at age 75.
Te Atairangikaahu, who reigned for 40 years as the sixth holder of the Maori Kingship established in 1858, died Tuesday at a hospital near Hamilton after being on dialysis for several months, reports Radio New Zealand.
Te Atairangikaahu's body will lie in state for a week at Turangawaewae, the headquarters of her Kingitanga movement, in New Zealand's North Island. She will be buried with her ancestors on the sacred mountain of Taupiri, says the report. Her successor is expected to be announced next week.


dad said...

Mom says he had a couple on his show today and they did all the cooking and some of their recipes looked mighty inviting

dad said...

My previous comment was in reference to that show (easy entertainment) Michael so and so
can't spell it.can't even pronounce it lol

maggie said...

yes but ask mom if she remembers the episode when he wore a star trek outfit?

marybeth said...

Star trek really? wow!