Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Well I start this blog with no promises.

I went to the dentist today and it was uneventful he came in for the check up and poked around my gums and kept saying , "one, good, one, good, one good." He said looks excellent and when I asked what he meant by one he said that means my tissue is very tight. I told him that was about the only tissue that was still tight and he quickly backed his chair away!! I guess my post twin belly joke was lost on him. Remove gloved hand and insert foot!!! Great and to think the next time I see him he will have a ultrasonic scaler in his hand.

They may be going extinct but they are not too upset about it...........
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Prozac in Streams Endangering Mussels
Drug ends up in waste water, upsets crustaceans' breeding
-- Robert Preidt

TUESDAY, Sept. 12 (HealthDay News) -- The antidepressant drug Prozac (fluoxetine) can disrupt the reproductive cycle of freshwater mussels and increase their risk of extinction, says a U.S. study presented Monday at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society, in San Francisco.
As with other drugs, remnants of Prozac are flushed from the body and travel in wastewater that reaches streams and rivers.
This study found that the drug causes female mussels to release their larvae before they're able to survive on their own.
"The results from this study were quite alarming. When larvae are released too early, they are not viable, which only contributes to the problems faced by struggling populations of native freshwater mussels," co-investigator Rebecca Heltsley of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, Hollings Marine Laboratory in Charleston, N.C., said in a prepared statement.
About 70 percent of the nearly 300 species of native North American freshwater mussels are extinct, endangered or in decline due to pollution, loss or alteration of habitat, increased sediment in rivers, and competition from invasive foreign species.
"The presence of Prozac and similar drugs in U.S. rivers and streams has likely compounded the problem. It's a big concern because freshwater mussels are such an imperiled group," Heltsley said.
"Protecting freshwater mussels and other aquatic life that are susceptible to the unintended consequences of exposure to pharmaceuticals in our rivers and streams will take a concentrated effort," she said. "These efforts could include the development of more efficient wastewater treatment facilities that can filter out these products before they reach our waterways."

Why don't you'all post me with the moral to this story!!!

So how is my attempt to limit my filthy consumption habits? It is a slow process but I am finding minimal success. I think I may start to log my expenditures putting it in print will force me too seriously consider both the product, the need, and its ultimate effect on our, ERF, (as my male squish calls it.)

Today I bought ........................gas.....................Sickening isn't it. Unfortunately my job requires that I drive and until I find a comparable alternative I am forced to consume and pollute in my attempt to pay my mortgage or my friggin house insurance.........(a bone that I will save for a later date).

Yesterday I bought new baby squish a pink fuzzy outfit.......Absolutely necessary although I could have opted for a more environmentally friendly version but hell baby steps and as a working mom of twins I should also admit that I used disposable diapers. It has been a guilt ridden couple of years so now I have to tip the scales the other way.

Oh yeah and I bought myself a beach coverup ok two they were on clearance and I need one !!! So I needed one and I bought two?! Nope I lied I bought three. See how the nasty cosuming mind works!!!! They were all super cheap at 3 bucks so with that rationalization under my belt, I hope you have all enjoyed the insight into the twisted mind of an American shop a holic who believes in voluntary simplicity!~!!!@


maggie said...

I went to change a few things on my template and lost all of my links so it will take me a few days to recover all of them sorry for the inconvenience.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your links loss.Prozac would have never made it to the river if we were still using the old outhouses.

maggie said...

Do you think the use of prozac and outhouses are a timely correlation? If they were than that probably would have cycled nicely into the well water thus readministering the drug to all.

marybeth said...

And we might be extinct, but we wouldn't care either.