Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So lately I have been browsing the costume sections of Target and other stores and realized something. Every costume for little boys involved some weapon...........swords, hatchets, bull whips you name it there was a weapon involved. I know this is a reflection of the media but could there be a more apparent trend?! Gee America I wonder why there is so much violence in this county?!!! I mean really does a three year old require a numchuck to master the perfect costume? Even the friggin turtles have Ninja gear. And really when are the mutant ninja turtles going to go the way of the smurfs? I would rather see the smurfs hopping around doing black magic spells than see a bunch of reptiles throwing punches. Some bible bumpers were aghast at Gargamel and his satanic profile but the blood and guts obviously do not bother them. Infuriates me to no end. Ok so I started with bones but with all the killing of innocence lately it weighs heavy on my mind.

Child Molesters should not be segregated in prison
Child Molesters should not be segregated in prison
I am willing to start a petition!! Maybe Foley will back it!!

Back to breath before I explode.

To those of you in local, state or federal agencies responding to indoor air calls:
This broadcast (I have not seen it) has generated a few phone calls today:
ABC: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Season 4, Episode 3
Aired Sunday, October 1, 2006

This show recently built a house around the block from my parents house.

As I have mentioned before the difficulty of IAQ accessments are the lack of standards and relative numbers this study could provide a base line for comparison. Read like a rug burn well don't nod off read the first paragraph and scroll down to the bottom I still have banter to go.

Model Homes Offer National IAQ Impact Results
Airborne contaminants in homes can range from allergic agents such as mold to potentially lethal threats such as carbon monoxide. Engineers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed a database of U.S. residential housing* to help conduct nationwide analyses of ventilation, air cleaning or moisture control strategies to reduce indoor air pollution.
Most people presume that the indoor air quality (IAQ) measures that rid one house of airborne contaminants should work in a similar house, but when it comes to ranking, on a regional or national scale, potentially expensive residential code or construction changes, housing and health authorities as well as homebuilders want more than conventional wisdom and supposition. They want data, and a lot of it. The new NIST set of more than 200 residential dwellings, representing 80 percent of the United States housing stock, can be combined with a computer simulation technique to determine the impacts of IAQ interventions.

NIST developed its database of model homes from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey (AHS) and the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RSECS). They then selected 209 dwellings as representative of 80 percent of U.S. housing stock. The homes, grouped into four categories—detached, attached, manufactured homes and apartments, were defined by their age, floor area, number of floors, foundation type and existence of a garage.

The engineers then developed floor plans for each house and created a model of each in NIST’s multizone indoor air quality and ventilation assessment computer program, CONTAM. Analysts can use the models to simulate and examine energy, IAQ and human exposure issues in a particular type of dwelling or all the dwellings as a group. Conclusions drawn from simulations with a particular house type should be valid for similar houses on a nationwide or regional level. The current multizone representations of the 209 dwellings created with CONTAM are available at www.bfrl.nist.gov/IAQanalysis along with floorplans of the buildings. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development sponsored this work.

*A. Persily, A. Musser and D. Leber. A collection of homes to represent the U.S. housing stock. NISTIR 7330, August 2006.

So not only have I failed to bring my blog back to its old glory but I am also at a loss when it comes to the picture posting it just refuses.

Squish A and B are turning three. Three!!! Is that even still considered a toddler? Cripes I think I may lose it. My babies are no more, they are children. Skinny children too. We are going through a phase. It is pretty simply they are not interested in food. And although the elders in the house could better benefit from this phase it is not exactly ideal for high energy kids. Squish B has lost his big fat, kinda looked knock knee, legs and his cheeks have deflated. They are no longer those fat pillows I could sink my entire face into when planting a momma kiss.


Rebecca said...

Hey Mag,
The blog page looks "Magnicficent" okay I'll stop now. I was curious about those spores? What kinda of spores can kill someone?? I could probably look it up , but I was just looking for the straight dope rather than sifting through ton's of info right now.


maggie said...

the spores they were referring to was Stachybotris. It is a black mold that needs a constant water supply and is found, (usually) on a cellulous substrate. Children, elderly,asthmatics, or anyone with a depressed immune system are at a higher risk. Beck your up late kiddo!!

julie said...

What makes you so sure that it is the media that put weapons on boys costumes? Men have used weapons as long as they have tried to gather food and get hot dates into their caves. It is actually an evolutionary advancement that we have the ability to use weapons. The costume thing could be groming for future hunting/gathering needs.Boys are taught from early on to be protectors of women, they need their tools!

Or maybe if you're a teenage mutant turtle, numchucks are pretty handy to have in the sewers of New York.

maggie said...

I think Julie, that evolve is the word. In case no one has noticed boys will not grow up to be hunter and gatherers any more than little girls are gonna grow up to be tree fairies or barbies. And I'm afraid weapons can't evolve. So let me ask is Charleston Heston (oops spelling)your God or what?

maggie said...

Oh but I really like the response gets me fired up and thinking. Thanks Julie!! Isn't blogging great.