Saturday, October 28, 2006

Well after all my emotional turmoil and mental struggle it has come down to this. I do not have one more year to decide on my twins costumes. All ideas put aside. They have minds of there own and very strong wills to match. Squish A is easy she will dress up in anything she loves the concept, B well that is a different story only Thomas will do. Have you seen those dreadful costumes? Hideous and here I was stanced to pull off another magnificent home made costume but nooooooooooo. So today I chanted the rules of Halloween to myself so as not to forget.

The costume is up the the wearer, as long as it doesn't hurt endanger or offend.
And I don't think offending my Halloween esthetics count.
So I break down and go out to buy the stupid thing, first target sold out, second target sold out, first party store gone James too, second party store sold out since Friday, I start to panic and after an arduous three hour search pack the kids and Dan up to pick an alternative nothing the boy wouldn't pick a thing...........................

I have failed on my favorite holiday I have failed my three year old squish his only request was a super cheesy Thomas the Tank Engine costume. ARGHHH

I am going to head to the fabric store tomorrow and see what I can come up with.

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