Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So upon viewing my post it seems that I had left a few former ones in draft form so the former has been hanging in blogger limbo since its induction.

My parents did save the day and found a Thomas costume at toys r us. Squish A after much deliberation and numerous mind changes decided on a bunny. I made no costumes this year....Not quite the Holiday I had in mind but hey, they enjoyed it.

I painted my son's face around five while we waited for Dad to get home. He was naked except for the blue face. When it was time to garb up he refused!! Pitched a fit yelling and screaming. I said fine you will go as a blue faced streaker go get your pumpkin!!! I thought this reverse psycology (sp) worked perfectly as he turned to me and said, "but mom wait.", aha I thought the fight was over until he said, "shouldn't you put some shoes on me?". ARGHHHH

In the end Dad held him still and I forced Thomas over his head chanting about how I paid twenty five dollars for this hard to find costume and he was going to wear it..................He conceded. About five minutes later he was a different boy smiling and parading around the streets asking everyone how they liked his Thomas costume....

ABC News - Good Morning America

Knockoffs could be dangerous; Bust Yields 60,000 Batteries Containing Mercury

The cosumption holidays are here around the corner so be aware.

If every American family sends just one recycled greeting card instead of a non-recycled one, the paper saved could bury a football field 33 ft deep.


Daneille said...

Okay first off they look great. I am suprised you did not make the costumes since you are one of the best I know at things like that. Please one favor. You have to find a way to make them stop growing till I come home. I feel like I am missing so much. I know cheesy over zealous friend, but everytime I see them they have gotten so much bigger and in turn I have to think so if they are older I must be getting older as well. This will just not due. Now I am babling (sp) so I will stop. Love u miss see u soon!

marybeth said...

Thanks maggie.
Going over grandma's and grandpop's home today for lunch.
I will take the story and pics with me. It will give them a smile.

maggie said...

Daneille when did you change your name?!! If I could stop the growth there would be a brick crazy glued to both the noggins. When you coming home?

maggie said...

Send my love.

marybeth said...

They loved the pics and the story
I took both halloween last (thing one and thing two) and this year to them.
Rosemary and her girls were there. We had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Maggie,
You would never guess who this is, and I could never tell you. All I can say is that contrary to my previous beliefs, you are an amazing writer, very intelligent, and I love to read your blogs. I love your conservative mind and the educational resouces that you pass on. Thanks!! From The Super Dooper Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Hey Mags unlike that person I never thought you were a dumb ass!!! I don't regard my opinion that highly however. Anyone I know?? Miss you at the spot!! are you going to NEHA in DC or Tools for schools?

Anonymous said...

It's steve sorry wouldn't do that to you.

maggie said...

I am going to the Neha convention on asthma and iaq in November in DC. I can't make the tools for schools as I have a safety conference the same days. you? Just an fyi i am taking the online fund of IH course from UNC. wow is that a real course. If you can get them to foot the $1000 it is well worth it. Thanks for finding me at my new home.

maggie said...

The SDA blogger? Well I have a bloody cocky idea who it is.