Sunday, November 05, 2006

Taming the Winter Holiday Beast

Well before Halloween even ended Witches and ghost were piled up on a small back shelf to make room for the all mighty Holiday that obviously extends from November first through January second. Lights and Trees were already glaring me down while I timidly fumbled to find more spider webs to adorn my graveyard scene. She's got it covered huh?

The plan
1) First step is to NOT buy wrapping paper. Ok I do have some left from years past and will use that up but I have in my head some great ideas for alternatives like brown bags from the store or my Dad's favorite Newspaper. I also have perks to give to the gift bag, they can and always are reused so I guess more env. Friendly in that sense. My friend Beck always supplies me with the most beautiful bags and I love packages in brown paper so this may be the easiest step.

2) Second step is to make our cards this year. I will dig out the mould and deckel and put them to use. I am going to make the cards with wild flower seeds so they can be dropped in the ground and planted. That way we can hopefully keep a few out of the landfill.

3) Third step and possibly the hardest is to limit the gifts....Two each and one big one. I'm talking for the little ones of course. This may sound the simplest but not for me. Last year after a few gifts they stopped and started playing. This screams to me that a few well planned gifts will be more effective than a living room full of crap. Not to mention it is a value lesson for all of us.

useful links

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On a completely different note http://organic article
A great article on buying organic. Also if you visit the Worsted Witch, link to the left in blogs, she has a great piece on the same

Thats it for now must intercept the squish's new Elephant game. They have found the leftover birthday balloons and have them stuffed up each nostril. They are calling them trunks and dragging them through the dog's water. Better remove the latex before they try to inhale.


maggie said...

Just an fyi its not really latex. An IAQ girl wouldn't buy latex balloons.

marybeth said...

what would she buy.