Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Finally she post!!!

Sorry I have been shrugging my duties. Actually it was a bit of an experiment away from the machines. I am taking a class through UNC they are at the Winter Institute at the Beach and so I have been officially away from my work computer and my home computer for over a week now. Was I having withdrawal you ask? NO. None at all actually no urge whatsoever. I kinda forced myself to get on and start typing. Now I will start to check in on my long lost and favorite blogger's but now I have a whole week to catch up on so that makes it juicier.

My tiger? Via my artwork Saturday. She is surprisingly a great subject considering her age and her energy level although my shaky hands and limited ability kinda leave a bit to the imagination. Oh well the great thing about three year old Squish's is you do not have to have any talent to make them happy.

Finally my little beatnik on the side with our new addition Cosmo. That poor pup got the whole of his tail shut tight in the door thanks to an over zealous Squish B. Never heard a dog scream so loud my heart practically jumped out of my throat. I had to open the door up. Reminded me of closing the car door on your pointers. I can't figure out what hurts more the actual action or having to open the door to remove the mangled appendages. Anyhow not to be gory. Aside from the puddle of pee the dogs tail is still intact but he is a bit more leery of doors and toddlers. I lectured the twins and A was very upset but I don't know if B got the full impact of the whole thing. He does say stop talking about it every time A tries to bring it up so possibly.........a bit of guilt. Hard to know when to lecture and when to reassure to avoid my kids having nightmares of dogs running around detailed by haphazardly door slamming.


maggie said...

she is so pretty. love the art work shaky hand and all. felt bad for the puppy.

marybeth said...

sorry maggie,
I wrote your name instead of mine.
Sorry had a blond moment.

maggie said...

that is ok looks like i am a bit loco but hey, i figured it out.

dad said...

Maggie...This still picture in know way captures the way these animals sound in the wild as does the movie version that you sent of Emma bellowing her lungs out.Can the movie be added to the blog?

marybeth said...

ok the plastic bags are over 40 billion and counting. geting scary.