Sunday, January 21, 2007

Today would have been one of those ahhhhhh isn't great to be a family days but then I decided tonight was the night to sleep without the Binks!!! Honestly I had always intended to let the habit ween itself and had never been one to ooh and aahh over when the so called experts say how and when to stop it. Fact is the kids have never used them unless they were sleeping but as they grew older I found them using them more instead of less and really relying on them for comfort. Maybe because of separation anxiety and increasing feelings of insecurity it would have been better to have them gone but none the less i hadn't the heart to hear my true loves cry for that molded piece of plastic and know that I could ease the pain at any instant. Was I stronger tonight? NO NO NO, I am writing this with tears streaming down my face I just thought I had a bit of nature and sleepiness on my side. We went to visit our dear friends today and deliver some belated b-day gifts so they fell asleep in the car on the way home around two...........

That was it for nap time. On top of that Squish A did a belly flop on a wasp yesterday and Squish B took on what could only be described as an infantry of mosquito's so I gave them both a small dose of benedryl to stop the stratching. It was an hour past bedtime four stories later with freshly cleaned blankies I sang the good night song and explained how they would try and sleep without the binks...................the wailing started surprisingly more from Squish A. She came out and tried to rationalize with me explaining that her teeth were fine and that she could not possibly sleep without the pacifier i tucked her back in and listened to the crying from the other side of the door. I could here B get up and go to her bed I could tell he was trying to comfort her and then I heard him singing, "hush little baby don't say a word , Mommas gonna bring you a mocking bird". the rest of the song was a mish mash of phrases but the heart was there and that just made me cry harder. I cracked open a beer and sat on the other side of the bedroom door as quietly as possible and sobbed. They are finally asleep.

This battle will go on and like all battles of such it is left up to Momma to fight. Lighter note. Cosmo as puppies will do has lost a couple of teeth the last one came out when Squish B was trying to retrieve his sock from the canines grip. The twins were fascinated and insisted on putting the tooth in the tooth fairy pillow to see what would come of it..............................biscuits the tooth fairy leaves biscuits. Speaking of biscuits

We made some to go with our broccoli and cheddar soup and the twins had fun with the scraps. In case you didn't recognize the resemblance Squish A is Santa but Squish B is Poppop. Mickey mouse and Thumper the rabbit were quite an accompaniment to our homemade soup too. We went to the park yesterday then made way over to the pond to feed the ducks. The Seagulls were so aggressive that we didn't feed our designated target but Squish B tried and got a bit close to the edge. Plop in he went into the drink. As Daddy dragged him out he explained to him that he just learned a valuable lesson but it was a bit chilly so we bee lined for home and had one of the few and far between excused to whip up some hot chocolate.

ahh the excitement never ends. Most amusing thing I ever did was reproduce.


LauraHinNJ said...

I don't what is sweeter - your son trying to comfort his sister - or that the tooth fairy leaves biscuits for the dog.

I'm glad your kids antics amuse you - I'd be exhausted by it all!

Anonymous said...

why am i having such a hard time commenting?

Kate G said...

entertaining and amusing. fantastic & sickening. What did we ever do without them? I smell wha'cha steppin in sistah.