Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Finally a sunny Day

Well there were may have been two sunny days since Christmas and New Years neither of which fell on or immediately after the holiday. Squish A really loves her new climber, Squish B is happier with his feet firmly planted on the ground. He gets too concerned with A's safety so he often needs to be distracted. Otherwise he spends all his backyard time chiding his twin about being careful not to crack her "crull" open. Besides the phonetic quoting it is a gruesome image for my three year old. His fear of heights is a genetic predisposition. Dad also has concerns and freaks out each year when i climb on the roof to hang Christmas lights. Mind you all we live in FL. where most of the homes are single story and I have jumped out of trees at greater heights than our dinky roof.

Oh happy New Years, resolutions?..............hmm hmm I always have some idealistic resolution that never seem to translate to the chaotic life I am presently subscribing to.

So for starters I need to simplify.

I think that is a reasonable start although in my head the list goes on and on.............I think if I start there the other things may fall into place.

Above all keep on dancing!!!

Check out the Biota water site you can actually watch the bottle degrade but don't worry its time lapsed so the things won't melt in the beverage carrier of your car.

Real quick I had mentioned before the site that helped get rid of that annoying junk mail but I had had trouble posting links so here it is. Its a super simple way to save a tree and your sanity.
www.greendimes.com or www.41pounds.org .

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