Monday, January 01, 2007

Holiday in Pictures part II, The Onslaught

The big guy came through....for the lucky two
A Thomas Christmas for the squish B
A loved her animals and costumes, it rained so the climber was out for the day.
Daddy got Tinker Toys yippee!!! Took all day to make that car.
Headed to Nana's and Poppop's for Christmas dinner and Grandmom's Mac'n cheese!!!
Princess Squish wore her finest.
Unk and Aunt S made the trip up from the islands to make it a family holiday.
More gifts to open but they loved giving them out just as much, and they will unwrap them for you too!!!!
Family tried to put Santa to shame
Everyone got something super special.................
Dad and Poppop will have to watch the Eagles on the bedroom tv cause video games were gotten, Not to mention a train set bigger than Nana's house.
The Doll is as big as me Unk.
Rain away, what a great Christmas day.

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maggie said...

had to remove a pic due to content seems the pic of Dad building a tinker toy car had a half naked squish in the far background. The net is full of creeps they don't need any ammo.