Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Five day weeks as far as the eye can see

Well there is finally a chill in the Florida air and I have finally covered my , "jimmy Buffet", feet with one of my three pairs of socks. I havn't anything over the top to say so I hope that if I keep the stream of consiousness going something somewhat interesting will pop out.

With the holidays safely tucked away in the attic and the last of the four day weeks sneaking up on me all Ii can say is that we need another national holiday to fill up the monotony of the post december blah's. My suggestion is a national, lets stay home from work and make up for Blair's extravagent trips to far away destinations day!! How much gas would we save if we everyone stayed home from work just one day? Maybe enough to put a hurting on the new king of Venuezuela? Well just a suggestion.

My three year old called me a Damn it today. Ok it wasn't the first time but I can no longer go on ignoring it because he might break out his made up word in public and then I will get that evil eye what kind of Mother are you look. So very gently Daddy explained that it wasn't a nice word (or even properly used) and what did Squish B reply? and I quote, " Pipe down you Damnit!" and please let me include a picture of the face that always accompany's this word.

B is on the right. His PopPop is always playing this , pipe down, game with him so I knew it was purely innocent and i had to do everything in my power not to bust out laughing. Daddy was not quite so amused and we had to explain the situation to him.

He has given us the Damn it dissertation before and we thought he had over heard the word and would forget it if we showed no reaction. One evening at dinner he said it over and over when his twin A asked, "what is Damn it" he had to correct the way she said the word. "No its damn it" he said nose and eyebrows wrinkled and a growl in his voice, "it means your cross".

Oh, "damn it" repeated A in a more appropriate pronunciation accompanied by proper facial distortion. The tears were coming down my face as I prayed the conversation would move forward.

On a lighter note as I sit on the computer squish A runs over and says, "Happy Mothers Day", as she hands me the electric bill. How amazing is the innocence?! I said thank you and she insisted I open my present. Guess things will never be dull with twin three year olds around.

So that is that nothing earth shattering just keeping it going.


kate5kiwis said...

oh hello maggie
lovely to *meet* ya.. ta for the comment on my blog.. sounds like you have a few giggles yourself.. your twins are a riot: *love* those DAMNIT facials !!!!!!!!!! what a cutie :o)
happy new year chick
mwah from new zealand

Anonymous said...

Maggie.... poppop pleads guilty to the "Pipe Down" outbursts but not to the "Damnit" binges and since the twins haven't had the luxury of ridding a school bus yet i can only assume they picked this one up from the dad

marybeth said...

That a Pipe down dammit face if I ever saw one. You are going to have fun when they get older.

vicki said...

Happy Mother's Day- here's the electric bill! I laughed at loud at the sweetness of this, but I have to tell you- those twins look fiesty! Lucky you and good luck with that! And thanks for coming by and saying hello!