Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The return

I do wish I had something romantic to blame my long hiatus on like being buried under three foot of snow or spending a couple months in the islands but alas it was a simple office renovation gone way over its targeted due date. I kept putting off hooking my computer and its components in an alternate spot as it was only going to be a weekend project. I am typing this eyeing up the weekend project from a distant room. It will be worth it when it is complete. Although I was a bit apprehensive about answering all the emails and responding to my online comrades who were concerned for my well being (at least my cyber well being).

Great little podcast from our department of health. I'll just supply the link to the podcast. It is not indoor air per say but still pretty interesting.

We spent last Saturday at Fort Desota just south of the Fishing Pier. It was a bit breezy but fabulous and I swear we had stretches of beach all to ourselves. Every so often Florida amazes me.

Here's an article from web wire about your home health read it with a reasonable mind. I have to say that after an hour of early evening TV i swear i have everything from restless leg syndrome to an enlarged prostrate SO consider everything and start addressing problems at the most basic common sense level. Wet dust, remove clutter, utilize nonporous surfaces at all possible (one of the reasons the office carpet got pulled!!!) clean bedding, pets and pet bedding. I have had people tell me they are dying from mold and almost get a face full of one of the seven canaries that are allowed to run free in the home. I love my beast but consider the obvious first.

So final article Home Health considered these all have some great stuff. This one is a series so stumble back and catch some good articles prior to the Indoor environment. Funny that Indoor environmental health is always the end of the check off list. That would explain the demeanor of people we usually interact with. Nothing better than being the last resort for an unexplained health issue. It tends to take more of a psychologist than a technician or scientist to answer the questions. That is a can of worms we will later address. Empathy is the main ingredient in the public health field!! When you lose it you disconnect and are less affective and less aggressive.

On a final note voluntary simplicity and Indoor air do have some religiously common ground, less increases airflow, produces less dust, traps less of the same and requires less wet dusting, HEPA vacuuming. Less emits lower VOC's and possible breeding grounds for microbial traps. Less is delivered to your door in cardboard boxes possibly infested with allergic bio accumulation and insects. Most definitely less allows for one to feel comfortable and more productive. Ah really less can be a good thing. (In the correct context).

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