Monday, February 05, 2007

How did I get here?

This is from last summer sent to me via Dad's sister but I love it so i thought I would share it. The two found what I believe were pipeline stakes and were marching around the field with them. Hopefully no one will be digging there anytime soon. You can't tell by the pic but they are actually very close to being beheaded by a radio controlled(and I use that term very loosely), plane. If I remember it was a close call but I think we all dodged the kamikaze bullet that afternoon at least once.

I am short on banter and bones as I am drained. My week long course on Industrial Hygiene chemical sampling has left me to ponder how the hell did I get here? I'll have you all know that I started as a communications major with an emphasis in Print media. I loved it but never had a knack for details like correct grammar, conjugation, etc. so where does someone veer when precision and attention to detail isn't their cup of tea? Well the science field of course.

I just wanted to save the world one enclosed space at a time, not spend an entire day not to mention a tree figuring out the volume of air necessary for three liters of acetone to reach equilibrium in an elevator at NTP!!!!! Although it would be super handy if that occasion ever presented itself. Actually I did drop an entire bottle of acetone in the lab when I worked in Smith Mountain Lake VA. Immediately after the man on the radio announced that Jerry Garcia had died out slipped the bottle. I think we used it for solvent to remove chlorophyll from filters we suctioned lake water through. Guess that formula would have been quite useful at that point but I believe I was probably more concerned that half of a lunch break manicure had been removed from my toes which were probably in lab protocol Birkenstocks at the time. Actually one great thing happened out of that night, we opted for a bluegrass festival,(In a tie dye memorial kinda way) and spent the entire night hopping from musical tent to musical tent and that Saturday I heard Allison Krauss and Union Station for the very first time. Oh OK so that is how I got here.

Here is a pretty down to earth article on Indoor Air Quality from the Charlotte observer and its not all about mold.

Its is an article that links house dust to concentrations of PBDE's in Breast Milk.
If you can think back to prior rants, Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether is used as flame retardants and there has been much debate on how the persistent buggers find there way into our system with the exception of in our food.


marybeth said...

don't you just love watching children discover their world.

LauraHinNJ said...

Lovely photo.