Thursday, March 08, 2007

Aunt Anne's Team

Well with some great friends/Colleges I am going to join the walk for MS March 24th.Aunt Anne's Team was late in getting into the event but with only two weeks to go we must do some double time in the fundraising department.

As the name suggest I have loved ones affected by the disease. My aunt has the most progressed case. She recently had another bout of Chemo which I was not even aware was a treatment option. It is a scary and sad disease.

Now my Dear friend Andrea across the bridge is doing a walk for Alzheimer's on the very same day, at the Lowry Park Zoo. If you don't have any personal experience with this disease you are lucky it breaks your spirit and your heart. Imagine not being recognized by someone you love so dearly. Andrea is walking on the Greek Team. This too is another worthy cause and if I could be in two places at once I certainly would. If this is a cause you are passionate about please see the link to donate.

Of course every dollar will be appreciated. For every person who visits either page and makes even the smallest donation I will put your name in for a raffle. The winner will receive???? OK I don't know yet but it will be hand made and magnificent. So for every five donations for either event there will be a new drawing. Your chances are 20% so give it a go. Remember if I pick your name you must check back so I can get an address to send it too. Any suggestions on the prize would be appreciated too.

On the same day at 11:30 I will be walking for World Water Week,(no monies), just a walk to raise awareness of how far women and children in water stressed countries have to walk for fresh water everyday. Check this site out for more information. This month the kids and I will focus on water conservation. Join us with some unique ideas.

Let me sneak in a bit of Breath . This is a long time coming in really assessing personal exposure.

Just joined group recipes. Have yet to really check it out or fill out any of my personal preferences but it looks like a great forum. I'm always looking for new inspiring recipes. Check it out and let me know what you think.


maggie said...

I've got it Marmalade some Florida citrus marmalade maybe lemon maybe grapefruit but it will be florida sunshine in a jar.

LauraHinNJ said...

I have a BIL with MS - terrible disease - good luck to you on walking day and thanks for rasing awareness.

maggie said...

Thanks Laura for the support and for checking in. Take care of those bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Marybeth is in for $25.

Anonymous said...

Mike and Peg Murphy are in for $25!!!!!

marybeth said...

Good luck mag

Anonymous said...

$10 for two fabulous grandkids.