Sunday, March 11, 2007

What a day

I registered the kids for Pier Pals which is a program on the St. Petersburg Pier for 2-5 yr olds. It takes place on the pier and WOW was I impressed. First let me mention it takes place once a month and second it was free, Nada, zip. All volunteers. After we registered we headed over to the first tent. Here the squish's learned about Manatees and even made one out of nylons stuffing and rubber bands. My two were probably the only two to insist on putting Penis' on theirs but what is a day out with three year olds if Mom and Dad aren't mortified at least once. Hurray!!

The college of Marine science had buckets and nets and set the kids looking for wild life treasure in the bay. Would you believe Squish A scored a sea star, magnificent!!! We brought it up to be put in the tank with the other treasures (before being returned to the sea).
There was a bit of oohing and ahhing and I was proud of my little guy although he wouldn't touch his catch. Squish A bravely posed with our sea treasure. The fish tank had a wonderful array of sea life including a sea horse someone had snagged from the shallows. My kids couldn't believe their eyes.

On to our next stop where we searched for buried treasure....We came up with a few gem stones and three real shark teeth. (sorry bout the fuzzies)

The day proceeded with sand castle contest and then they built a kite, hunted the beach for trash to put on the trash sculpture and got a tattoo. We ended the fabulous afternoon with a trolley ride to the end of the pier to look at the birds and boats and a magician!!!!!

I was really impressed as were the twins. They are all about the Manatees now so maybe next weekend we will head out to TECO Plant and show them some close up. These kind of days make me never want to leave Florida.
Please don't forget, (especially family members!!!!) I am still doing the walk for MS on the 24th if you are thinking about a small donation for Aunt Anne's Team, $5 get you in the raffle for some of my homemade marmalade. It is really a good cause.
On an off the topic kinda thing , I love this little big spirit!!! Check out Ava's spread in MotherJones.


Anonymous said...

Is that fair, all that sun and i've been snowed in all winter? D.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun. Danielle

maggie said...

Aunt Karen and Unc have made a donation!!! Thanks and stay tuned to see if you win the raffle.