Thursday, March 29, 2007

Duck Soup

I just dumped the twins in a bath full of soapy hot water and after cleaning off the toddler grime sat back to watch them create the inevitable pond out of the bathroom floor. Instead of the usual tub toys they asked for big spoons!! Probably scary to the non-parent but I complied to see what would unfold.

Of course they were making duck soup.

Recipe for Duck soup (per squish A and B)
generous portion of bubbles
Katatoes, (AKA tomatoes)
Squish A's hair, (discovered on her slotted spoon during a stir, very distinct as its red)
Add very dirty toddlers liberally coated with sand and sunblock.
Gently stir.
Marinate until the arguing and inevitable tears begin, (necessary for salt so give them three chances before finally hauling them out)
Remove toddlers and wrap in towel (which will fall away as they dash through the living room as mom attempts to lasso them in to put jammies on)
Discard the broth straining tub toys for later recipes.

PS. No animals were hurt for this demonstration.

some rubber duck links; duck travels, rubaduck,duck planet, and my personal favoriteThe all about Ernie and the Rubber ducky Song site.


LauraHinNJ said...

Bath time sounds like an awful lot of fun!

marybeth said...

you make having twins sound so fun.

Anonymous said...

yum yum duck soup

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like baby bisque!! Ha Ha Maggie, your blog is getting more mom less scientist and I havn't heard any Bones lately either, good both times, its a refreshing change to hear about toddler antics than about Meth labs. Steve

scribbit said...

Ha, you're funny. Glad all the ducks came through unscathed.

My kids favorite bath toys were those plastic animals you can get in packages. They had plastic eels and sting rays and a collection of whales--very popular.

Phelan said...