Monday, March 26, 2007

One Word

I'm not much on the whole chain letter e-mail thing but I have taken a particular interest in one my dear friend sent me. It was real simple

Describe me in one word; Just one word. Send it to me and me only.

Of course then you forward the same request to all your emailing buddies, (or enemies depending on how tough your skin).

These are my adjectives thus far.


I like hearing what others come up with but more than that its quite a feat to to come up with a single word to describe someone. It's a fabulous challenge............................... So in one word how would you describe you?? Leave a comment and let me know, believe me it will take some thought if you do it right.

On the breath side can you believe another state building is making workers sick?
ARGH Of course you can I have been to them what i can't believe is that they continue to write articles on them. Some of the worse cases I have been on or heard of are state buildings. One of the reasons most of the buildings have been so severely modified from the original structure the Ventilation systems cannot adequately keep up. Really if it was originally a super market and now it is a huge 100 cubicle call center I think there might just be some problems.


Anonymous said...

.....I have gotten: constant, beautiful, fun....


maggie said...

Ah yes beautiful and constant, who sent you fun? Of course you are fun but was it a cop out? Fun just seems so flat to me you are far from flat. Engaging, exciting uplifting is more like it. Fun well skipping a rock is fun, a log flume is fun not much thought in that one I would ask for a do over. How bout you describing you in one word?

marybeth said...

fMaggie if I were to describe myself I would have to say unpredictable, impulsive, vacillate, and yes fickle at times.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about loyal,caring, thoughtful, there's also stubborn, unforgiving(if someone really hurts me)..


scribbit said...

Reminds me of what my sister in law said after she decided against getting a personalized license plate. She'd wanted one but said it came to the point where she just couldn't sum up her life in six letters or less.

Anonymous said...


LauraHinNJ said...

This sounds like fun - may have to try it!

Don't know you well enough to suggest one word to describe you, but I'll keep thinking on it!