Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Arbor Day

Arbor Day Foundation check out the site!!

In celebration of Arbor Day we visited the Green Thumb Celebration in Azalea Park. It was a fabulous. There were plants trees and flowers galore. Our first trip we were unprepared and came empty handed, people were showing up with carts the size of a small pick up truck. We just browsed and let the kids get an eyeful. They received two trees to plant and their, Green Thumb tee shirts. We visited the butterfly tent and received some free butterfly attracting flowers. Day two however I was more prepared I left B and his car seat at the house loaded up A and the ever useful Radio Flyer to score some growers. My parents made three trips so when I arrived they had already made a couple trips to the car. My Mom has much more of a green thumb so I sent her to pick my herbs. I found some ground cover low light minimum Jasmine for the front yard. Lush green grass covered lawns are not native to Florida so they are hard and expensive to maintain. Our two large dogs and two cats do not help the cause. Picked up a much needed tomato plant I believe it is a, Sun Miser, so it can tolerate the heat of this growing season. Could not pass up the sunflower that my kids both call their favorite. We passed a huge booth of butterfly garden plants and I could have gone crazy Mom helped me pick six 6"ers and squeezed them into the wagon. We had to stop we were out of room. We did add a couple of Orchids on the trip back, (Mom's weakness). My butterfly flowers really worked because when we stopped at a tent to browse they would be hovering over our wagon. How pretty. Did I mention that my herbs were all organic as was the tomato plant, I forgot to ask at the butterfly garden stand but at the very least the edibles were.

Everyone kept oohing and ahhing over how they looked in the wagon so I took a shot to remember.

Best of all the kids and Myself can do some nature bonding as we tend to these beauties.

On the home front I finished B's Thomas the Tank Engine bulletin board. Cost a total of ten dollars although I really scrimped on the ribbon and didn't have enough to go diagonal as I would have liked. Oh well he loves it and it serves its purpose. Did I mention I have enough material left over to sew matching curtains.


marybeth said...

nice plant

scribbit said...

Seeing pictures like that makes me more eager than ever for planting season here. One more month!

Dave said...

Send me some pics of the butterflies that you attract. It that considered baiting?! Ha Ha

mike said...

maggie if i leave a comment am i considered a commentator? lol
I like the way they get the kids involved in the Arbor/Earth day festivities.It was a fun and rewarding day for both the kids and the grands also.You mentioned they had carts as big as trucks.Well we heard they are to have a "best decorated cart contest" next year and the judges are going to be kids.enough