Monday, May 07, 2007


I don't know how I feel about this article. Children are bad for the planet. It has some key points and we are overpopulated true but honestly the people who would even heed this warning or read such an article certainly are not the people reproducing beyond their financial means let alone environmental means. I feel more passionately about the environment than ever simply because I know two sweet souls with whom it will be left too. Isn't that a famous native American saying, "You don't inherit the earth from your ancestors you borrow it from your children.", Oh well I don't disagree completely at least it is weighing towards pro-choice so that has its perks in my book.

A and B started pre-primary today at 3 1/2. It is a huge adjustment for all of us and the guilt of being a working mom washes over me ten fold now. Not to mention I am running on maximum five hours a night trying to keep it all running smoothly. They are really learning a lot!! B called me stupid for the first time ever and my daughter said, "make me!". I am paying twice my mortgage payment to have these little tadpoles lead in such a positive direction. I hope to see evidence of more positive tutelage in the coming weeks.

A told me a story tonight that went like this..................

Once upon a time a big girl named Mommy and a little girl named Jennifer lived in a castle in the big big city. The big girl took the little girl to the park to swing on the telephone wires. Then they played on the swings that are not made for babies. But Mommy looked sad because the little girl was bleeding. They lived happily ever After. The end.


Mia said...

Oy! Well, I will say that my personal opinion is that we're within our rights to at least replace ourselves. Good luck with the pre-primary. Sprout is heading to school in the Fall and I have VERY mixed feelings about it, and feel homeschooling and paid-work battling it out, both with very different pros and cons. Best wishes.

marybeth said...

I feel for you mag, its hard to let go at first.
About children bad for planet your aunt rosemary may have something to say about that.
Maybe we should go out an plant more trees when we have a baby and plant a tree every year until they are old enough to have their own children.

maggie said...

Mia, I consider homeschooling every other day. Just know that that is not an option now good luck when sprout starts.

Marybeth, a tree and a lifetime of conservation and environmental respect would be good!!!