Monday, May 21, 2007

The responsible pet owner

Poor little guy got a snip today and forever joined the ranks of the non-breeder canines. I am so tired of paying my vet half my paycheck each month so I thought i would check around to see if I could take him to Animal Control or the SPCA for a break. No dice I guess only people on some form of financial aid have the right to take their pet to a county run animal clinic for care. Good to know that by working full time and just eeking out a living I am missing out on affordable vet care . Ok soapbox over, anyhow after voicing my disbelief at how the working middle class gets another jab the gentleman informed me of a group that could help. I jumped on line to check them out, friends of animals. You can purchase a certificate to use at a participating vet for Spaying($90), or Neutering,($64). They also have one for cats which is cheaper. Anyhow I was so impressed with the site and mission that you can now forever find them on my link list. Of course the vet as always tries to up sell ; 30 bucks for being over the maximum weight, 30 dollars for pre-surgery blood work and would you believe 25 dollars for pain management!!! Yes that is right we are so humane here that you get the option of relieving our poor sweet devoted puppies pain when some quack is hacking him up with a knife!!! Is my feeling about this thing fairly obvious?!!! I feel like I am at a used car dealership every time I take one of my beast in. Next step is pet insurance. Now is the time as all my guys and girl are fixed and healthy so I will let you all know what I find out.


dave said...

This is a touchy subject Mags.

Anonymous said...

Maggie how much does it usually run without the certificate?

marybeth said...

is there such a thing as pet insurance?