Monday, July 30, 2007


My south Pinellas counterpart hit the news. Check out the article and news clip, Buyers Beware , it gives a personal take on our two person program.

NOW THE BONES, (From an Email from a good friend of mine)

Recently I noticed TJ Maxx had some of the recalled Thomas toys on their shelf, I notified their customer service . their response "it's a voluntary recall". They're off my shopping list.

From:> To: My dear friend

Subject: Reply to your recent inquiry at TJX Customer Service for T.J. Maxx ? IM372081> >

Thank you for contacting T.J. Maxx Customer Service.> >

We looked into this and found it is a voluntary recall. In any case, we are very glad that you took the time to bring this to our attention and we most certainly share your concerns. We have passed this on to the appropriate people for further review.> >

Sincerely,> > Diane> T.J. Maxx Customer Service

My reply.
It's good to know that T.J. Maxx does not take "voluntarily" recalled items off their shelves. Everyone I know will be informed that T.J. Maxx is not concerned for the safety of their children.
One less customer ...


Andrea said...

How cute....Good memory to keep!

marybeth said...

Cute Maggie, you should send that to funniest home videos.

dave said...

Ahh those were the days huh? Your Mom is getting a good workout.