Thursday, October 25, 2007

thirteen Anagrams for my name

I was popping in on some of my recent visitors and happened by tendrils . She had a link to a neat website that produced anagrams for your name. For no other reason than it is fun and funny. I popped my name in to see what it would formulate for me. I had a good laugh when I read the top of the list. Here are thirteen and if anyone can guess my name from these I would be so flabbergasted I would send a prize right off.

1) A Hummer Piggy, (my favorite piggy is a reoccuring theme in the list)
2) Gamer Pigmy Uh, (I am very short topping out at 60 inches)
3) Rage Gummy Hip (No comment)
4) Hamper Muggy I
5) Hear Piggy Mum
6) Gay Hummer Pig (my second favorite)
7) Mega ugh Rip My (sounds like I'm just getting started)
8) Harem Gig My Up (No more comments necessary)
9) Hear Pig Gum My
10) Pea Ugh Grim My
11) Ear gig Hump My
12) Gag Hey Rip Mum
13) Hag Gripe My Up

Ok none of these are very pretty but for a few minutes of amusement they do the trick.


Phelan said...

your wordsmith link isn't working.

maggie said...

You are right thanks Phelan I will figure out the problem when I get home. Sorry folks try

marybeth said...

Maggie I did the anagram and the computer found 52633. Here is my first 15.
1. A Semblance Firth Hymn
2. A Semblance Fin Rhythm
3. A Chamber Myself Ninth
4. A Chamber Hymens Flint
5. A Chamber Hymen Flints
6. A Chambers Hymen Flint
7. A Clamber Fishnet Hymn
8. A Blanch Firemen Myths
9. A Blanch Hemmers Nifty
10. A Blanch Mermen Shifty
11. A Blanch Firmest Hymen
12. A Branch Leftism Hymen
13. A Batch Riflemen Hymns
14. A Cymbal Freshmen Hint
15. A Cymbal Freshmen Thin

Phelan said...

738 were found for my name. I am picking the better ones of the group.

Arcane Lymph
Carpal Hymen
Preach Manly
A Clear Nymph
Anal Cry Hemp
Ranch Play Me
Clam Pray Hen
Clamp Any Her
Clap Era Hymn
Lacy Ramp Hen
Cramp Lay Hen
Cram Any Help
Narc May Help
Crap La Hymen
Crap Manly Eh
Ah Plan Mercy
Ha Plan Mercy
A Man Cry Help

Some of them are too funny.

BurdockBoy said...

Hello again.

Great link, but my name doesn't create too many good ones, most sound latin. I did like "Aquas Nerd Inn". I guess if I ever run a motel or B&B...