Thursday, November 15, 2007

Holiday Hopeful

It has been beautiful out so instead of being stuck to my keyboard the twins and I have been out enjoying this crisp, (well below 85 degree) weather. I almost peaked back in on Wed. to post a pic but thought that was a cop out. So now that A and B are the big four I've noticed allot of changes not only how they interact but the overall awareness. They asked me yesterday if I was strange and sadly I had to reply, "yes". They said that was ok and they still loved me but I knew that acceptance is temporary and eventually they will want nothing more than a, "normal" mom. The twins are starting to eat things they don't is a breakthrough!! Last week whole wheat ravioli's with pesto and this week Annies healthy organic version of hamburger helper made with crumbles. This dish is not super healthy but from a kid's eyes pretty scary, (nothing separated and all), but A gobbled it down to my delight. I don't know why this is such a huge deal to me but when my kids eat the dinner I make them with minimal fuss I am HAPPY. So with the Holidays approaching I am going to post the 13 things I wanna pull off. To keep the holidays environmental and minimal and possibly teach the kids what it is really about and not flood them with a sea of excess.

1) No new decorations with the exception of new plants for flower box and small live Tree.
2) No new store bought wrapping paper, (saved and recycled paper ok).
3) Homemade gifts only will be given by the twins to loved ones.
4) WE WILL MAKE OUR CARDS THIS YEAR OUT OF RECYCLED PAPER AND SEEDS, ensuring the cards get dropped in the ground instead of in the trash.
5) Re gifting is ok for giving and getting.
6) Yard sales and Craigslist are great arenas for gift buying if I can find it there then wahoo!!
7) Utilize gifts that support a cause for instance this year for teachers I am thinking about having a tree planted in their honor. I found this idea on check them out.
8) Utilize no waste gifts like emailed gift cards from Amazon and Itunes!!! No shipping wrapping or time lapse. These are great last minute ideas too.
9) All light bulbs will be replaced with low energy bulbs.
10) Holiday lights I love but will be set on a timer to consume less.
11) Support organic or sustainable gifts when an option.
12) Attempt to buy local when at all possible to limit shipping and support local economy.
13) Have all outsourced shopping completed by Thanksgiving so everything from then on out is just family time and fun.

It is hard not to get caught up in the frenzy of the season so I find avoiding the stores at all cost during the Holiday season really helps.

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