Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Madness

Well last night I spent the entire day cleaning. Not your ordinary throw things where they belong get the dishwasher loaded and pick the underware up from the bathroom floor clean but the real holy crap my back hurts my hands are so irritated if I sit down now I will not get up clean. I sent my kids in the yard with a good supply of bubbles and fingerpaints...........hours later they knocked on the screen door with the sand box stuck to their epidermis. Popeye had no shorts or underwear on and informed me that he didn't need to come in cause he peed on the fence. No worries on my end I cleaned just enough of their hands to feed them their picnic lunch which they happily ate outside on the small porch. Then they went back to their world of make believe. When they got bored of each other I set up a birdfeeder and gave them a birdbook and binoculars........I was amazed that this bought me another entire hour. At this point they were getting itchy so I dumped them in the tub where they played with Dinasours until my homemade pizza had cooked. After dinner I popped in Land Before Time something and managed to finish up the laundry and clean up the kitchen. WHEW!!!! I kept the light off in their rooms so they wouldn't see that every toy was neatly back in place, ( nothing attracts a four year old like a newly cleaned room!!). Then when I was sure they would fall right to sleep I read them the Three Little Pigs and tucked them in. I was so estatic I wanted to call someone and invite them over................COME OVER QUICK MY HOUSE IS CLEAN!!! Instead I poured myself a glass of wine and sat at the computer happy. Wanting to enjoy my really clean house I stayed up a bit longer than I should have and was in a foggy rush to make it out the door this morning. I hope my purse is still sitting on the kitchen table and not somewhere between my front door and the car. I also hope I make it home on my very low tank of gas. Was it worth it? Hell Yes because my house is clean. (at least until this evening).

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