Thursday, February 14, 2008

Walking up on a Florida Native

I'm Valentined out...................hours of cutting and glueing somewhat in vain, half eaten chocolates and little cardboard cards lying all over the house. My attempt to "buy nothing", was accomplished but the twins were inundated with candy and sweets. I was lucky to find the highly coveted Land before time DVD's (13 or 14 something) at the library so I was able to give them that as a "gift" to watch for a week. Dad gave them a box of chocolates and Grandmom and Grandpop sent Valentines cards in the mail. I remember the days when the money in the card would drop to the ground un noticed........not any more they grabbed it up and jumped up and down about their new riches. I suggested to the tikes that maybe we could sign up for a Saturday Rec class or go to the zoo but no they wanted things so I was a bit saddened that I am such a poor example to my offspring. On a lighter note however Pixie piped up saying that she wanted to take her money to the yard sales..... Popeye agreed. Oh well one strike for simplicity but one point for the environment. Oh yeah we have yet to see Nana and PopPop so I know there is more spoiling to come.
I have been visiting one of my favorite parks lately to take advantage of the nice weather and get some steps in. This big guy is usually down the bank and in the water but I nearly ran right into this 8 footer as I was scanning the lake for somegator just like him. As I was cautiously backing up I noticed he was missing his front left foot. After fifteen years I am still amazed by these prehistoric creatures.

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Anonymous said...

Yikes how big was the alligator that took off this guys leg?