Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday stream of conscience die hard Thomas the Tank Engine fan has not picked up an engine be it toy book or movie in over two weeks. He is currently preoccupied with the never ending story that surrounds little foot and his talking prehistoric pals. That is right The Land Before Time. I'm sure anyone who knows our little guy and his vast stash of Thomas stuff must have taken a prompt ragged breath...........Oh Know...................His whole life was that Cheeky talking Tank Engine not to mention 98% of his clothing toys and reading material. I didn't say he has turned his obsession to hate. No just a new phase. One that I am welcoming. Pixie is in on it too so the two of them are spending endless hours with their plastic Dino's in make believe land. I could sit and listen to them forever. Down side if there must be one is that their English is lacking due to the poor grammar they are picking up from the friendly long neck and his clan. Popeye keeps referring to the Bay as Big waters and Pixie talks in prehistoric third person. Only parents who have watched the show would not think they were being raised by cave people. Ok second bad thing..........their is a series, "Land Before Time", but it is on the Cartoon Network. This means for the first time in my youngsters lives they are being exposed to commercials. Yes and the evil commercialism never ceases to amaze me. Was I that amazed at little plastic dogs you collect and store in your pocket? The endless useless advertising with overly happy children and catchy tunes has me pulling my hair out. I have to find a route to combat this materialism with some down to earth eco-simplistic wit that a four year old can get his/her mind and heart around. For the time being I am forced to watch the show with them and fast forward through the evil savages. TIVO is a MOM's best friend.

I have in the past two years taken exit from the food network, too much show, not enough cooking. Recently however one of my favorites has come back with a kicking new show. Jamie Oliver, (AKA Naked Chef), his new show rocks in its simplicity and humor. This is real solid right from the garden cooking. His kitchen doesn't look so perfect nor does he. It is funny and realistic although I don't believe he post all of his recipes, one downfall. He has a podcast out which I have subscribed too but have not listened yet so I can't really comment. Check him out. And as long as I am commenting on cooking shows I still love, Everyday foods, PBS. Not funny or charming but good solid simple recipes I have used over and over. I like the newer versions as Martha's Omniscient God voice in the beginning and end are missing. Actually the newer versions are very devoid of Martha but the recipes are true to form. Speaking of Martha...............I have been dropping in on her show and loving it and mind you I was never a real Martha fan before. I ordered the book, "Sock and Glove", after seeing the super cute stuffed animals made with a bit of stitching and a pair of either. I was also quite taken back when I tuned in to a knitting episode where she was knitting with yarn made from her Chows fur. Now that is something the Mom of two large long haired dogs could sink her teeth into. OK I don't knit yet but really I must brush out about a pound of this furry goodness every day and the stuff I miss is just drifting around my hard wood floors like tumble weeds. There is no five second rule in this house no matter how much I slave to keep up.

I need to start a small compost, there are so many options for city dwellers that I am ashamed I have failed to do so already. I also want to start an online savings account for our vacation this year. I want to take the twins to Disney. They are at that perfect age and really we live less than three hours from the money pit so a good four days should do it. I personally would prefer a shorter vacation. A short trip, no train or plane, no rental cars, no family uncomfortable house hopping and less worry about the left behind pets. I want to do two parks , Magic Kingdom and maybe Animal Kingdom. Maybe just Magic Kingdom three days so no rushing ........just enjoying the utter awe that only a set of four year old twins can exude. I say I want to save because as it is so short I want to go all out. No shuttles I want a fabulous hotel right there and maybe breakfast with a princess or bear who knows but I want first class. Then I want two days at home to put my feet up and reminisce.

Has anyone ever heard of , "The Secret", well it is about willing things being negative or positive into your life. I bring this up only because everywhere I turn or read it says recession recession recession, housing slump, housing slump, housing slump if every finance expert in the free world would stop all this negative banter some people might actually take their butts to the mall and save your friggin economy. Not me mind you I am this countries worst nightmare as far as consumerism goes my idea of a shopping day starts at 8am Saturday and ends at noon. Yep yard sailing won't pull this country out of a slide but will help some landfill somewhere. Back to initial thought....................stop talking about how houses are not selling cause I would love to sell mine but if everyone is waiting for houses to cost a dollar then that will never happen. You anchors of the nightly news have the dewy eyed general population hypnotized like a bunch of sheep and you have successfully scared them into saving every last dime.........not helping your cause. Of course the military giving some huge huge multi billion dollar contract to France and not Boeing doesn't help huh? Uh should we be making any military war craft outside the country? Doesn't that kinda kill the surprise element?

Finally I am livid at the Courts yes that would be the good old American justice system giving those poor retired research chimps back to Primarily Primates because they were considered well a piece of furniture. Shit if we cannot empathize with an animal that is so similar to us then the frogs don't stand a world of a chance. If we truly have one in a hundred people in jail like everyone states then hell test your makeup and medicine on them. If they keep stealing, raping, molesting drug dealing and killing then I don't want them out on the streets just to pad a lousy statistic.

Blah...on a different note Quinine is supposed to help with leg cramps so cheers enjoy a Gin and tonic.

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