Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sushi and Such

Now that the Holiday is just a distant memory I will revisit. V-day cards made with all recycled paper/glue stick and stamps. They were very pretty but fifty something envelopes was time consuming. I have yet to scan the template but I can do so if anyone would like. Next year I think we will opt for something a bit less time consuming. We pulled the animal designs off of the Internet and just recreated it using stamps. Pixie had a porcupine and Popeye had a Penguin.

I would not usually post a picture of my kitchen in the midst of Sushi disarray but it was a first for my little Pixie. she rolled and ate some pretty awesome creations. I was around to use sharp utensils only.

This one popped right before the shot had asparagus, cucumber, cream cheese, avacado, crunchies, (fried tempura breading), sesame seeds and eel sauce. We will from this point on refer to it as the Pixie roll.


Anonymous said...

I just recently got up enough gumption to try sushi your little one is one brave cat:)


Scribbit said...

Oh how lovely that header picture is!

marybeth said...

I didn't realize that you eat fish, I thought you were a total Vegetarian.
Love the pictures

Maggie said...

It was vegetarian sushi, with the exception maybe of the eel sauce but there was no eel. I on occasion eat fish but Pixie does not. I have tried to give up my sushi love in the past and found no reason to go on. That is how much I adore and crave the Sushi. Thanks to other expenditors however we can afford a good sushi meal out maybe once a year so on the other 363 days a year the little fish are safe. Just to clear any other misconceptions up I am not Vegan either although I attempt to purchase our byproducts from humane and respectable organic sources. Whew what a mouthfull huh.