Friday, March 07, 2008


I am up for a name change. Not my name I LOVE my name. That is not egotistical because quite frankly I did not pick it. It was given to me and I just happen to embrace it. I love the alliteration I love the history, (my Mom, Grand mom, Aunts and great Aunts share the formal name with me) I love the meaning or meanings depending on what book one chooses. I love that it is and has been since I can remember one of the top three dog names. I love that I have met numerous dog's with my name but only one other person. I love when I tell people my name and I can hear them smile and turn on an Irish brogue of sorts. The older generation will always comment on my good Irish name before saying good by and quite frankly any name that makes people break out in song be it, "Wake up Maggie", or "I don't wanna work on Maggie's Farm no more" is a good name. My name means a precious stone or pearl, my last name can mean Potato or by the sea. In essence my name is Pearl Potato!! Again alliteration, love it. Not to mention I am found of , "P", words. So I am Pearl Potato, I have a set of twins Popeye and Pixie Potato and their dad Pittsburgh Potato would be found of his label too, (the man dreams in black and gold).

So I am up for a name change but for my blog not my person. I do Banter and of course I always have a bone to pick but I blog less and less about my profession so although by the end of my ranting I am out of breath I rarely do blog about IAQ. So I really need to change my blog's name because for some reason lately it makes me cringe.............I don't know why. It does have alliteration and I am a proponent of "B" words too although they fail to hold a spot in my heart as, "p" words do. In the end its just too stuffy or long or well not working any longer.....who knows the name will change and suggestions will be fielded.

I guess this is as good a time as any to start the list I find so interesting that is going around, 100 things about me. It seems daunting but since I put it out there here is number one.

1) I love my name. One down 99 to go.

This is an old shot I came across. It made me smile so big I had to share.


Anonymous said...

How about, "Bob the Blog" or "the Potato Pile" Or "Thats Mrs. Blog to you".

some suggestions


Maggie said...

Dave as soon as I got your list my wheels started turning but in a search I turned this bit of info up. Yuk not quite what I'm all about huh?

The 'Potato Pile' Buck
Back in 1966, a young potato farmer downed one of the most famous bucks ever shot in northern Maine. In fact, the massive deer still is the highest-scoring typical in New England history. Here's his story.

by Dick Idol

Ronnie Cox grew up hunting the fringes of the Thousand Acre Swamp, a forbidding mass of floating sod and swamp grass surrounded by low cedars so thick few men dared to penetrate beyond its fringes. Maine has a lot of bogs, all right, but virtually none so sprawling and overwhelming as to deserve its own name. The Thousand Acre Bog was a legend.

Its hostile features greatly contributed to its distinguished reputation, but to some men it was legendary for another reason: It was sanctuary to some of the biggest whitetail bucks in the world. They often lived and died within its perimeter, and only when they ventured beyond its safety were they vulnerable to hunters. Although entirely legal to hunt, the vast bog was simply too dangerous and thick for the normal hunter.

Ronnie learned how to hunt deer from his dad. The stories and experiences the elder hunter had accumulated through those years were incredible. He'd seen bucks with racks the likes of which few modern men ever will see.

marybeth said...

I do not have a name, but you could have a sitcom on your hands.
the p family