Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Watch out the kids got a camera

And she knows how to not only take a picture but plug it in to the computer and download it. I don't believe Pittsburgh ever thought this shot would make the blog but how could I resist. Mamma pearl is not much better in that I was laying on my bed watching the news. Funny the things she took photos of. Popeye has a little movie camera he is a bit obsessed with he keeps taking very deep movies involving his feet but we think soon he will get the leverage thing down and edge up the torso a bit. When I was a youngin we had a movie camera from fisher price that used a cassette tape to take movies. You can imagine the clarity on that huh? But we thought it was great. We used shaving cream on my little brother and did a singing skit to, "splish splash I was taking a bath", we had the thing all choreographed and everything until the shaving cream started to sting little M and he freaked out and started screaming and we grabbed all the clean towels and tried to get it off before the parents busted in and ....................yes too late got in allot of crap for that shaving cream clean towels little brother in tears......wish I had that tape now.


BurdockBoy said...

Funny photos.

I can't wait.

KIA already gets a kick of looking at the images in our digital camera, I guess sooner or later she'll discover the camcorder.

Maggie said...


You should definately make a photo album for her one that can get a bit sticky. My spuds loved looking at photos at that age especially at themselves and really who would blame that cutie?