Monday, May 19, 2008

Gone too long

I have been receiving a bunch of hate email (ha ha), from people who have noticed my failure to update my blog. Here is the reason. I lost the only key to my office. The new wooden door to my magic room has a very unique skeleton key and it mysteriously vanished. The door had recently been painted an enchanting red color and I was not going to resort to any damaging ends to pry her open. Then last week as I was pulling weeds from my herb garden I noticed something shiny reflecting in the unforgiving Florida sun. It was my key and except for a bit of rust it is good as new the door has been opened and I am back at work. Maybe the story would have been more believable had the key turned up in my dogs after effects, anyhow its all a sham nothing quite so colorful here just plain old busy. Unfortunately unlike some of my favorite bloggers who I swear have a magic time machine to fit everything in I am forced to leave some stuff out, blogging naturally falls victim to my time crunch as I have yet to figure out how to blog and fold laundry at the same time. I am seeing a break in the clouds soon as some of the classes the twins have are taking a much needed summer break.

100 things about me number? I love Faeries. Even as an adult I am enthralled with the mystical winged beast. Flower, tree anything good or evil with wings I love. Maybe my love actually pivots on obsession, hmmmmm we will see when I finally finish Pixies new Faerie room.

It was $5 dollar day at the Zoo yesterday so I took the twins only to be confronted by the entire population of Tampa Bay. Since the Zoo is about 30 minutes away I was not about to turn around so there we were in 85%humidity trying to enjoy ourselves amid the weaving and bobbing. The kids were troopers but I can say in all my frugality that it is well worth it to pay full price and avoid the Walmart crowds. I have such mixed feelings about zoo's i don't know if I should be sad or relieved for the animals there. Anyhow some camera phone pics which though a bit fuzzy do the trick in capturing the twins in some of the better moments.


Marybeth said...

I like the key story. I rather pay full price than face that large crowd any day.

Maggie said...

yes i learned the hard way. I'm still toying with the idea of a year membership guess we will try out busch gardens first see how much they have to offer kids that age:)