Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Rant

I am sooooo tired of reading about all the green products we should be buying. Granted there are some things that one cannot get around purchasing but if we want to be truly green wouldn't the best purchase be a non purchase. How bout this an already purchased purchase. A toy bought at a yard sale is just as exciting to my little ones as one that is brand new and still reeks of VOC's. I don't feel as horrible when I know they have been used and after my twins have a go at them they will be donated to use again. I am just so sick of the obtuse display of new trendy bags that declares one an "ECO CHIC" or "So COOL TO BE GREEN". Seems kind of an oxymoron although I really shouldn't complain too loudly as this green thing is always so timely and comes and goes just like bell bottoms.

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