Thursday, June 19, 2008

Going Camping

Well they keep asking sooooooo we are gonna pop a tent in Nana and PopPop's back yard this weekend. I dread the bugs and the humidity and I wonder when that happened?!! I used to love to camp and hang out listening to the sounds of nature but now all I can think of are the mosquito's and the Palmetto bugs and the scorpions. Did all these creepy crawler's exist when I was young and camping...............NO there are no scorpions in PA and I remember it getting cold at night so this will be different. I wonder if it is cheating to lug an air mattress out there?


Michelle said...

It's most definitely NOT cheating to lug along an air mattress!! Steve and I took the kids camping a few times last summer (and will be going at some point this summer). Our air mattress helps keep us sane. Go for it!! ;-)

Carla said...

I just heard about something called "glamping." It's all about putting a little glamor into camping and making you comfortable. I'm sure an air mattress would fit right in.

Maggie said...

Ha that is soooo Great Glamping it is however glamorous it will not.