Friday, June 27, 2008

Poor Nana

I was up early checking my email when little Pixie strolled sleepily out of her room dragging her blanket behind her. She was excited to see a picture of Nana up on the screen. After studying the photo she asked what was on her arm. I had to read her PopPops note explaining that Nana had broken her arm after she fell on it at the pond. Pix was upset and quickly asked if her arm would fall off. I explained that the cast on her arm would help the bones fuse and Nana would be good as new in 5-8 weeks. She seemed to take it well. By this time Popeye had risen and I sat them down to cereal. I could hear Pix explaining with great emotion how Nana had broken her arm and surprisingly Popeye asked the same question, "Oh no will her arm fall off?", Pix quickly explained to him very matter of factly that Nana would be fine because the doctor put a casserole on her arm to feed her bones. Popeye was relieved and they both went back to cheerios satisfied with the exchange.

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