Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just a day

My life is so hectic that I have nothing to say. Is that possible? what a was quite a morning, the much anticipated picture day. What a hassle and if anyone had witnessed the snarl my little pip potato gave that photog last year one could only understand my lack of enthusiasm. Still I refused to have the shot retaken knowing only my little red head could give the death look quite like she did. I should be excited to see how she tops it being an entire girl year older. Off too work and about fifteen minutes of my head inside an air handler did it dawn on me that I had left the Tae Kwon Do belts on the kitchen table and the end of the month test was right after school, ugh. Oh well who needs a lunch break when you were too rushed to pack a lunch. After the never ending day I went to pick up twins plus one and scurry off to change and have a snack before martial arts. All three children managed to spill the entirety of their juice bottles on one another, I was so tired I didn't even get upset but I did mop up the floor and table with all of their picture day clothes. During testing Popeye was trying so hard not to cough I thought his peepers were gonna pop out of his noggin, but we made it to the end and they even acquired two stripes although their concentration was lacking I think due to lack of sleep. Kids are just coming off some new sick and are in the lovely if not annoying draining phase. Needless to say they are continuously coughing and we are getting little shut eye. Its all so exhausting and perfect. Did I mention we are in the ten days till five countdown. I am positive this will be the best birthday ever. I loved the fours and am just getting a little peek at the fives and knowing they will even more fabulous and scary.


Marybeth said...

Welcome to motherhood. I like to say that it gets better but....
well lets just say there are good and bad days and it is worth it.
I always hated picture days but when I look at them now I find it funny.

Carla said...

Sounds hectic. Love the picture. You're kids look so cute.